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"We're in the ascension stages of planetary evolvement now - time is short.What are you doing to start on your own clearing TODAY? Hypnotherapy's a great place to start."

Trans-personal Hypnotherapy is a very deep method of healing for any emotional or physical condition. All ailments start at the emotional level, and many are rooted in past traumas. We may have long forgotten the event, but our body hasn't..Even though we enter the unconscious mind and your ego is put temporarily aside, you are still in control, and will be aware of everything that goes on. The rewards are extraordinary: more healing, more clarity, more control, more resolve, more wisdom. The benefits can't be overstated.


"I, Merina Balten, am a retired elementary school teacher, with 2 degrees, one of them in Theology. I am currently in dialogue with the Toronto District School Board and the Provinvial government, asking that Spirituality be included in our elementary curriculum, based on a book I'm writing called 'Fright Free Children' and the effects of Low Level Violence."

"In the Spiritual realm: for 30 years I studied dream interpretation with a teacher who was tutored by Padre Pio. After she died a few years ago, I met Rev. James McShane and started attending his bi-weekly channeled meditation classes. He introduced me to the Delphi Spiritual University in Georgia and to his colleague Rev. Wm. Bezman in New York - and I finished both their programmes in Hypnotherapy and Spirit Releasement therapy. I currently live in Toronto and am applying for the PhD program in Education at OISE."

Merina Balten

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Fright Free Children
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Book: Fright Free Children
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Dream Interpretation

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Example Interpretations


This was by a woman in her 70's - who had multiple health issues, and had a hard time even moving around physically.

She dreamt she needed to make some corrections in her life, but she really didn't want to. Then she flushed herself down the toilet. Then she arrived through the toilet at her mother's doorstep on the lawn. Her mother came out of the house and seeing her told her she really shouldn't be there, and they both agreed she'd go back.

Explanation: this woman's lifestyle was causing her to get rid of herself, the choices she was making in her foods and bad habits, and negative attitudes, were all contributing to her "choice" to die. But if she died and joined her mother (who was dead ) the mother and her higher self both agreed she really shouldn't be there and needed to keep on living. So what was facing her was the choice to make the difficult changes in her life that would allow her to keep on ;living.

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